Výhled ze Štramberské trúby

Interhotel Tatra – accommodation in the Lachian Gate region in the Beskyd Foothills

Whether you are travelling to Kopřivnice for a business meeting, training course or privately, it is certainly worth investigating the area surrounding Interhotel Tatra when you have some free time. Investigate the Lachian Gate region and the Beskyd Foothills. Kopřivnice and its surrounding area will captivate you and the surrounding nature will fill you with energy.

The Tatra marque as a symbol of Kopřivnice

When you hear the name Kopřivnice the first thing to come to mind is the Tatra automobile factory. You simply cannot go to Kopřivnice and not visit the TATRA Technical Museum. Whatever your age, you will be amazed by the most comprehensive collection devoted to the phenomenal TATRA automobile factory. All these, along with period photographs, models, designs and other rare exhibits, create a unique atmosphere.

Part of the technical museum is devoted to one of the most famous people born in Kopřivnice. Emil Zátopek, the most famous Czech Olympian of all times, has his own exhibition in the museum. You can find out more about the details of his life, view authentic photographs, medals and the trophies that he and his wife Dana Zátopková won. You can also watch a film that lasts for exactly 14 minutes and 6 seconds, which is exactly how long it took Emil Zátopek to run 5 km and create a world record.

The picturesque town of Štramberk

You can also enjoy a relaxing walk to the neighbouring town. Štramberk will captivate everyone with the unique ambiance generated by its narrow streets among picturesque wooden houses. If you reach the square and the Štramberská Trúba – the remainder of the tower of a former castle dating from the 13th century – you will be rewarded by a magnificent view of the surrounding area. The nearby Šipka Cave is an important site, where the jawbone of a Neanderthal child was discovered. And we also recommend visiting the botanical gardens in the nearby old limestone quarry. With a little luck you will see a rare Apollo butterfly, which only lives on the limestone peak of Kotouč hill in Štramberk in the Czech Republic. And while you are in Štramberk, don’t forget to taste some authentic honey Štramberk ear biscuits.

Freud’s Příbor

The town of Příbor, located 6 km to the north of Kopřivnice, is also part of the Lachian Gate region. World famous psychologist Sigmund Freud was born in this historic town. As well as the museum in his house of birth, it is also worth visiting the lovely square with important Renaissance and Baroque buildings, or the nearby restored gardens of the Piarist Monastery.

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